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Intentions are the keys to having a loving, more joyful relationship and a lifetime of love and partnership.  We all know it is difficult to navigate love relationships sometimes.  You have two people from such diverse backgrounds and expectations coming together as one.  There will be difficult conversations and failed expectations, and sometimes there will be poor communication or bad connections.  We are human and these are part of being human.

Daily intentions set your relationship up for success. What areas are you and your partner strong in? What areas could you use more focus, time, and energy?  Being great in relationships is just like being great in sports, it takes skill-building and practice. An intention is just an opportunity to practice.  

Here are some Ideas!

Overall Love Intentions: 

  • We intend to create the most loving relationship we can with our partner.
  • We intend to experience greater levels of fun, connection, prosperity, joy, love, and magic in our relationship.   (or name five emotions you want to feel)
  • We intend to ask ourselves several times a day, how can I be love in this relationship?
  • We intend to think of three things we are grateful for our partner for this day before our feet touch the floor.  (Already deposits some love into your account before things go awry in the day.)
  • We intend to find ways to express love to our partner in the language of love they prefer, knowing it will greatly enhance our relationship.  (If you don’t know about Love Languages, go here.) 
  • We intend to communicate love to our partner by:  _______________. (Name how you can communicate your love, maybe with their special love language?)

Communication Intentions:

  • We will communicate our dreams, needs, and desires to our partner, even if the conversation is difficult.
  • We will have a weekly time to chat about what is going well, and where we want to put more focus, energy, and time.

Connection Intentions:

  • Whenever my partner enters or leaves our home, we will make it an opportunity to say, “hello” or “goodbye” and seal it with a hug or kiss.
  • We will take 30 minutes a week to connect over coffee. We will have a date night once a week, where we intentionally plan an activity with each other outside our normal routine.  It’s time to connect or have fun.

Practice intentions and grow a lasting, loving relationship!