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Returns, exchanges & replacements may be granted at the sole discretion of Heart Crate. If you need assistance, reach out in a reasonable amount of time to to present your request.


Missing product. Heart Crate will replace product missing from a date. During the normal course of operations, sometimes items are missed. If this happens, reach out to the support email address above and notify our team. Missing prints or booklets will be sent as a PDF via email in an effort to allow you to use your product as soon as possible. Reship requests will be tracked and Heart Crate reserves the right to refuse reships or replacements for any reason at its sole discretion.


Returns & Exchanges. May or may not be granted at the sole discretion of Heart Crate  on a case by case basis. Exchanges will not be given for dissatisfaction of the date activity. Returning a product to Heart Crate  without authorization will not result in a refund or exchange, and you will be responsible for any additional shipping charges that are incurred by Heart Crate  as a result.


Refused Shipments. Users agree not to refuse shipments from Heart Crate. Refusing a shipment for any reason will not result in cancellation of an order, nor will it trigger a refund. Heart Crate  assumes no responsibility and liability for any refused shipments and additional shipping charges may apply.