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These uncertain times and constant influx or barrage of emotional events can be taxing on our primary relationships and make it difficult to have intimacy.  We may feel overwhelmed or on edge.  However, there are small ways we can build or rebuild our connection throughout the day.

  1.  Gratitude – Almost daily when I wake up, before my feet touch the ground, I think of three ways I am grateful for Joe in my life.  It may be the way he is kind in his words or actions; or he may have done something like put toast in the toaster or put the dried dishes away; or big things like going to work every day.  In these days of closer quarters, we sometimes get in so much routine, we forget the daily things our partner might do for us.

And don’t forget to say that gratitude out loud to your partner!  It can be as simple as a thank you note.  One couple I know, the husband wrote out gratitude sticky notes and put them on the fridge, thanking his wife for daily putting in her heart and soul in taking care of the kids.  And on a truly difficult day, when she was not feeling up to par as a mom, she looked up and saw them.  It brought her to tears to be appreciated. That was years ago, and the notes stand there today!  The paper may be tattered now; however, the appreciation for the notes live on.

  • Try Out Their passions!   Joe loves, loves, loves to play golf.  He would do it every day if he could.  Though I don’t love it nearly as much, if I go a few times a year, he is grateful, and it gives us a chance to connect while we are out walking the course and enjoying nature and each other’s company.

Personally, I love taking spiritual classes and Joe will sometimes come with me.  We learn new tools, and we grow together emotionally and spiritually.

Not only are we learning more about each other and what drives us, we are sharing our passions together. 

  • Try something new!   Scope out community education classes or search online for things you may have always wanted to try.  Maybe it’s a cooking class or learning to make something or trying a new sport.  It keeps things interesting and you’re making memories. 

Once Joe invited me to throw axes!  At first, it sounded scary, but I did it anyway in the name of adventure, and we ended up thinking it was fun and challenging.

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